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Are there unwelcome tenants taking up space in your home or business? Kick bugs to the curb with Wipeout Pest Control. We're a full-service pest control company, based in Hendersonville, TN and serving Gallatin and the surrounding areas. We use a variety of techniques to remove pests from your home or business safely and effectively.
When you schedule an appointment with our crew, we'll visit your home or business to assess the situation. We'll identify the pests and decide on the best course of action. We'll also locate the source of the infestation and take care of it, so you won't have to worry about the pests returning.

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Perks of working with Wipeout Pest Control

When you need to evict bugs from your home or place of business, hire a reliable pest control company that offers services throughout Gallatin, TN, Hendersonville, TN and the surrounding regions. Here are three great reasons to choose Wipeout Pest Control:

We offer flexible appointment scheduling, so you can choose a time that works for you. Our pest control crew is prompt and professional. We give free estimates, in person or over the phone.

We offer pest control services on a recurring basis, to keep your home or business pest-free. Call (615) 573-2017 today to make an appointment.

Get comprehensive pest control services

Call Wipeout Pest Control today to schedule thorough pest removal services in the Hendersonville and Gallatin, TN area. We can rid your property of any kind of insect pests, including:


Bed bugs


Fleas and ticks


Asian lady beetles

Stink bugs


We can exterminate pests in structures of all types, including barns and commercial properties. If you've noticed signs of an insect infestation at your property, call Wipeout Pest Control ASAP at (615) 573-2017.