Wipe Out Pest Control

Home is where the Family lives and it is always your first priority to provide a safe and secure environment free of pest and rodents. At Wipeout Pest Control we use an Integrated Pest Management (www.WhatisIPM.org) approach which includes:

  • Inspecting for pests
  • Identifying pests and
  • Pest Control solutions by pest professionals

Pests come in many forms and play an important part in our environment, but not in and around our homes. Pests can range from roaches, ants, wasps, fleas/ticks to rodents such as rats or mice. Many of those pests carry harmful diseases so it is important to contact a pest control specialist to rid your home of these pests keeping your family safe.

The same advice holds true if you own a business; you want to provide a safe environment for your customers free of pests and rodents. Whether it’s a commercial building, restaurant, hospital or school a sound pest prevention plan will help prevent troubles with regulatory inspectors and more importunately maintain a positive reputation with your clients and the community in which you operate.

Wipeout Pest Control can work with you to develop a Pest Prevention plan, and if you already have pest, termite or rodent problems please contact us by email or call us at (615)573-2017.

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